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ART Procedures

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The medical team at RMAPA is skilled in using all of the most advanced and effective assisted reproductive technologies. In vitro fertilization is the basis of all ART procedures at RMAPA. The first successful IVF procedure was performed nearly 30 years ago. This procedure is now the most commonly performed ART in the world and has been responsible for helping over a million couples with many forms of infertility to have a baby. With IVF, a woman’s egg (oocyte) and a man’s sperm are combined and fertilization occurs in the laboratory. The resulting embryo is placed in a woman’s uterus where it can implant and grow into a healthy fetus.

Screening & Diagnosis

Before we recommend and perform any ART procedures at RMAPA, we complete a thorough evaluation of the couple to determine the causes of their fertility problem and whether there are any health factors that could have an adverse affect on treatment or pregnancy. This testing is designed to identify certain infectious diseases and genetic conditions, to evaluate the woman’s ovaries and uterus, and to evaluate the man’s semen. When needed, we may perform special additional medical tests for couples with a history of unique health conditions.The medical team then uses this information to develop a treatment plan that is specially tailored for each couple.