100% IVF Refund Program

RMAPA’s CareShare program offers a 100% financial guarantee, which allows qualified patients the opportunity to utilize multiple IVF cycles for a single package price. If after all allowed attempts have been exhausted and there is no live birth and no birth certificate issued, enrolled patients will receive a 100% refund of their program fees paid.

At RMAPA, we understand that success isn’t just getting our patients pregnant. We think of success as a healthy baby and birth certificate. Through CareShare we are focused on success, but are still willing to share in the risk of failure that every patient faces.

CareShare is ideal for patients who are paying out of pocket with no insurance coverage, or for those who have waived or exhausted their insurance benefits. It’s also good for international patients paying out of pocket and traveling to RMAPA for care. Patients may be able to use their insurance benefits for prescreening testing and medications and other services prior to enrolling into CareShare.

This program is designed to reduce the financial stress, risks, and worry that all infertility patients face by offering a refund. Our goal is to give hopeful parents peace of mind and the financial resources to pursue other family building options in the future if unsuccessful.