| By: Wendy Schillings, MD, FACOG
Kate’s Journey March 22, 2019 After 18 years together, Kate L. and her husband decided it was time to start a family.
IVF Giveaways, Raffles, and Sweepstakes – Things to Know Before You Enter March 14, 2019 It is increasingly popular for infertility clinics to offer a free cycle of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) via contests, lotteries and other hyper-marketed giveaways. These contests claim you can ‘win a baby’ with a cycle or round of IVF.
Transitioning from Infertility Care to OB/GYN – What You Should Know March 04, 2019 For women who struggled with infertility, sought help from a fertility specialist and were discharged pregnant back into the care of their OB/GYN, moving on can be bittersweet. While women are ecstatic that they are pregnant, the thought of leaving behind the intimate, round-the-clock care and support of their infertility team is stressful.
Understanding IVF Costs in Pennsylvania February 07, 2019 If you’re struggling to become pregnant in Pennsylvania, you might be thinking about seeing a fertility specialist. And if you’re like most couples, you’re already thinking about cost. Having a good sense of the cost of fertility treatment in the Lehigh Valley can help you budget ahead of time, so that when it comes time to enter into care, you’re ready.
At RMAPA, Hope Grows on Trees January 31, 2019 In tribute to the hope-filled journey to fertility, Reproductive Medicine Associates of Pennsylvania (RMAPA) wanted to give patients a way to stay positive on their journey by seeing a visible reminder of their ultimate goal.
Get to Know Dr. Wendy Schillings, RMAPA’s Founding Physician January 24, 2019 In the decade that she’s led Reproductive Medicine Associates of Pennsylvania (RMAPA), Dr. Wendy Schillings has helped many patients start or complete their families.
RMAPA Named 'Who’s Who' in Business Leader in Fertility Care for 2019 January 17, 2019 The residents of the Lehigh Valley have spoken: Reproductive Medicine Associates of Pennsylvania (RMAPA) is the local leader in fertility services.
The Calling: Dr. Ndeye-Aicha Gueye November 15, 2018 Dr. Ndeye-Aicha Gueye is a reproductive endocrinologist at Reproductive Medicine Associates of Pennsylvania (RMAPA).
How Celebrities Mislead Women About Getting Pregnant in Your 40s January 18, 2018 It's common to see celebrities in their 40s on magazine covers posing with their newborn babies.  While we love hearing about their new life as a parent, what we're not hearing about are the challenges associated with getting pregnant after 40.  
When to Consider Using a Donor Egg to Start Your Family December 11, 2017 Today, couples who are experiencing infertility have many options. Egg donation is just one of them; however, it’s one that we are seeing more often due to its high success rates. 
Can Acupuncture Help You Get Pregnant? November 10, 2017 Fertility treatment can help your dreams of building a family become a reality; however, it won’t make managing stress any easier. Compounding stress on top of infertility can make your chances of conceiving even lower. That’s why many women turn to acupuncture.
Starting a Family After a Cancer Diagnosis? Fertility Preservation Gives Patients Hope October 20, 2017 Chemotherapy and radiation can affect the fertility of both female and male patients. The severity depends on the type and length of treatment, pre-existing fertility issues, and the age of the patient. This should be discussed with the oncologist . It’s important to consider taking steps to preserve your chances of starting a family.
How Much is Too Much Exercise During IVF September 11, 2017 From a young age, the importance of fitness and exercise is ingrained in our head. For many women, daily exercise is a way of life and a positive way to de-stress, keeping your body and mind in shape. Despite all that we’ve been taught about exercise, if you are undergoing IVF treatments you may want to stop and ask yourself, “How much is too much?” 
Why You Need to Tell Your Fertility Specialist That You Smoke Marijuana July 25, 2017 Almost every initial doctor’s visit begins with a form to gather your medical background and family history. And, almost every form contains some variation of a question that patients don’t always answer truthfully: Have you ever used illegal drugs?
Why We Favor Frozen Cycles Over Fresh July 06, 2017 In the generic question of fresh versus frozen, you would assume that fresh is the way to go. However, this isn’t the case when talking about embryo transfer during an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle.
How Lifestyle Affects Your Biological Clock June 12, 2017 Your biological age is a concept that’s a bit abstract. What it means is the way your body operates or functions compared to other people in the population who are in the same age group.
Is Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening (CCS) Right for You? May 30, 2017 Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening (CCS) is a pre-implantation genetic screening technique, which, in laymen’s terms, is a scientific way to choose embryos that provide a woman with the best chance for a successful pregnancy.
How to Support a Loved One Experiencing Infertility (& How We’re Honoring Infertility Awareness Week) April 24, 2017 If you know someone experiencing infertility, you may not know the right way to support them or have the right words to say. Learn about how you can help and support a loved one dealing with infertility or undergoing fertility treatment
A Look at the IVF Cycle Timeline April 05, 2017 Many people are familiar with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) as a treatment option for infertility; however, what many people are not aware of is the length of the IVF timeline and that we now break it into two cycles. This is important when planning for your treatment, which takes 2 to 4 months.
What Vitamins and Supplements to Take to Achieve Pregnancy? September 17, 2014 Are there specific vitamins or supplements that may improve your chances of achieving a pregnancy and having a healthy baby? This a common question many women undergoing infertility treatment ask. Get the answers here!
Family Building Options for Same Sex Couples January 06, 2014 Same-sex couples have unique challenges as far as family building. I'm going to discuss some of the expectations of what a same-sex couples might go through and what options we might present to help you achieve your goals.
Advancements In Egg Freezing December 06, 2013 Is your biological clock ticking? With new advances in egg freezing, we can stop your ovarian function in time. Learn more about the possibilities of Fertility Preservation.
Dr. Schillings Introduces the RMAPA - Tree of Hope November 18, 2013 Dr. Wendy Schillings and her team at RMAPA started a new tradition to celebrate with their patients who have been released to their obstetrics practice once they have reached 8-and-a-half weeks into their pregnancy. See our Tree of Hope and all that it represents.
Testosterone Supplements for Men? Not Always Your Best Option October 13, 2013 Everyone has seen the flashy new ads promising men improved good health and “performance” if they take testosterone supplements. Unfortunately, these supplements may have a negative effect if you are trying to conceive a child with your partner.
'How Can I Afford Fertility Treatment?' July 01, 2013 When an individual is looking into their options for fertility treatment, one of the main factors that they look into is how much is it going to cost. There are 15 states that require employers to cover some parts, if not all, fertility treatment for their employees. Some states, such as New Jersey, have a state law that requires employers with more than 50 employees to provide fertility treatment coverage. Unfortunately, that is not the case in Pennsylvania. Resolve has recently issued a scorecard by state for infertility coverage. Most often your insurance policy correlates to the state where your company is headquartered, not where you live.
Is Your Biological Clock Ticking? April 01, 2013 When a woman is born, her ovaries contain all of the eggs she will ever use in her lifetime. For most women, achieving pregnancy is easiest in their 20’s and 30’s, while there are still a large number of healthy eggs. Today, many women delay starting a family in order to achieve career goals. This delay may lower their chances of becoming pregnant later in life. National data shows a significant decline in pregnancy rates in women who are older than 35. Therefore, it is important for women to educate themselves about testing and treatment options.
Fertility Preservation Options February 01, 2013 Fertility preservation is utilized by patients who are diagnosed with cancer and require treatments that may impair their fertility. It can also be utilized by military personnel before being deployed to active duty and also women or men who may want to delay starting their family until later in life. Eggs and sperm that are frozen (cryopreserved) are actually “suspended in time” and do not age as our bodies do over time.
Recurrent Pregnancy Loss December 01, 2012 Early pregnancy loss, or miscarriage, occurs in about 15-25 percent of all pregnancies. Many early miscarriages occur before a woman even knows she is pregnant. More than half of these early losses are related to chromosomal (genetic) abnormalities in the embryo. Chromosomal abnormalities and miscarriage rates increase as women age, with miscarriage rates for women over 40 reaching 50 percent.
The Emotional Toll of Infertility November 21, 2012 In her newest video blog, Dr. Schillings discusses the emotional toll that many couples experience when trying to have a baby, and struggling with infertility at the same time. RMAPA is always available to help you through this trying time.
Office Tour November 21, 2012 Dr. Wendy Schillings takes you for a walk-through office tour. We hope to make every patient comfortable while they go through infertility treatment.
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome August 24, 2012 Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can be a cause of infertility. There are special considerations for you if you have this condition. Depending on your unique case of PCOS, there may be some simple solutions to help you.
Could You Have PCOS? August 01, 2012 Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common hormonal disorders in women. It is estimated that 4-12 percent of premenopausal women in the United States have PCOS. Although the cause of PCOS is not known, there does seem to be some genetic link. Many women with PCOS have a family member (mother or sister) with the disorder.
PGD with Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening June 13, 2012 At RMAPA, we are always trying to develop better and safer techniques to diagnosing and treating infertility. With PGD, embryos created by IVF can be tested for genetic abnormalities or chromosome abnormalities so that only those IVF embryos without defects are placed into the uterus.
Creating Your Family June 01, 2012 Approximately 15 percent of all couples have difficulty becoming pregnant. Approximately 50 percent of these couples have male infertility issues as part of the reason they are unable to conceive. This high of a percentage may seem a little hard to believe, especially by your partner. However, it is real and it can be a serious obstacle for couples trying to build their family.
If You’re Considering In Vitro Fertilization, Chances are You’ll Have ONE Healthy, Happy Baby! April 01, 2012 When it comes to In Vitro Fertilization, we’ve come a long way in achieving successful, safe pregnancies.  The first In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedure was performed in 1978, and since then the scientific breakthroughs in this area have grown by leaps and bounds. Initially, pregnancy rates were extremely low, but with more than 100,000 cycles performed each year in the United States, pregnancy rates have increased significantly, with some facilities achieving birth rates over 50 percent.
Setting Realistic Expectations March 19, 2012 After working with so many patients in my career, I felt that it would be helpful to set realistic expectations for any couple or individual going through infertility. It can certainly be a frustrating journey and an emotional rollercoaster. By going into the process better understanding how things could happen for you, you will be able to set more realistic goals.
Male Fertility Preservation January 23, 2012 Getting diagnosed with cancer is a difficult conversation topic and is subject that is just as difficult for men as is it for women. Dr. Wendy Schillings explains in this month's video the possible options for preserving a male's fertility before he undergoes his cancer treatments.
Obesity and Infertility November 08, 2011 Obesity can interfere with your ability to get pregnant in a lot of ways. Dr. Schiilings illustrates these concerns in this month's video blog. She concludes, that among other things, that diet and exercise can help overcome this common issue.
Breast Cancer and Fertility Options October 10, 2011 Dealing with Breast Cancer creates special challenges when also dealing with infertility. But there are options.
New Patient Primer July 13, 2011 For any potential patients interested in coming to RMAPA for a consultation, I have posted a video that explains the entire process of your initial consultation. Hopefully it will give you an idea of what to expect, what you'll need to bring, and any other information you'll need to gather before making your first consultation with us. 
RMA's Success Rates June 01, 2011 Our SART Success Rates have ranked among the highest in Pennsylvania for a number of years. Learn why we have been so successful and what makes our office different from other fertility clinic and treatment centers.