Ask the Lawyer: IVF Financial Security: New Resources Available for Family Formation

When embarking into family formation options through Assisted Reproductive means, the first question that often arises is what will it cost, and how will parents pay for such treatment? As recently as five years ago, options were limited, but fortunately, there are now many ways available to help finance family formation.

Pennsylvania is not a state that mandates some form of fertility treatment coverage benefits. Therefore, it is important for you to review your current health insurance policy to determine if and what fertility treatments are covered under your current plan. Look into an assisted reproduction insurance program, which offers insurance plan options for individual fertility needs. Many existing loan programs also now offer loans to help cover fertility treatments. There are also RX programs that offer self-paid patients up to a percentage of savings off fertility medications. Looking at your current home equity line of credit, loans against retirement, other investments and insurance policies to finance infertility treatments are always other available options. Some clients also look to credit cards to pay for treatments by requesting changes to their line of credit to afford infertility treatment. There are also charitable trusts that help and consider the needs of individuals and organizations seeking to create families through Assisted Reproductive Technology, such as the Family Formation Charitable Trust created by the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys, AARTA.

When dealing with legal issues as a result of infertility or infertility treatments, such as health insurance coverage or claims, you should speak to an attorney experienced in the knowledge of Assisted Reproductive Technology Law as well as Health Care Law. If you need help making choices with regard to financing fertility treatments, it would be beneficial to speak to a Financial Planner who is experienced in family formation. All of these potential legal issues may be applicable to your personal situation and understanding the law and your options is paramount in the forefront of your journey.

Dorota Gasienica-Kozak, Esquire,
Chair of the KingSpry Adoption/ART Law Practice Group