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RMAPA Goings On March 2016

RMAPA Success Rates Still Soaring RMAPA is pleased to announce a 72.5% success rate for InVitro Fertilization (IVF) embryo transfers resulting in a live birth, for women under 35, according to a report released on March 11, 2016 by the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART). The national average for this age group is 47.4%. [...]

Surviving the Holidays Together

The holidays are normally a time to be thankful and joyous and celebrate with family and friends; however, this is not the case for everyone. With Thanksgiving fast approaching and Christmas right around the corner, the holiday gatherings and the seasonal stress can start to wear on you. The holiday season can also become extremely [...]

Genetic Screening During Infertility Treatment

The genes babies inherit from the parents pass along family characteristics like hair and eye color. Sometimes they also pass on a genetic disease, even if the parents do not have any symptoms. Each individual has two copies of most genes, one which they receive from their mother and a second which they receive from [...]

Fertility and Pregnancy: During & After Breast Cancer

Many women diagnosed with breast cancer have fertility concerns. But because each woman's situation is unique, it's not easy to study pregnancy in women with breast cancer or women who have been treated for breast cancer. It's difficult to find women with the same cancer status and fertility outcomes who can be compared in randomized [...]

Summer Sun, Vitamin D, & Female Fertility

According to a national data, three-quarters of American teens and adults are deficient in vitamin D. For both men and women, the benefits of vitamin D include maintaining strong bones, reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol, and has also been used for patients with diabetes. Vitamin D is produced in the body when skin is [...]

Relaxing Reads from the RMAPA Library

While relaxing on your deck, by the pool, or beachside during the hot summer months remember staying educated and positive about your infertility can be the key to your success. RMAPA offers a small collection of books, which are directly related to infertility. All books are available for patients to sign out of the office [...]

12 Tips For Planning Summer Vacations Around Fertility Treatments

The summer months are very popular for traveling. Although most people already have enough to pack, don’t forget how important it is to plan your packing and trip to include your cycle medications and routine blood work while you’re away. Here are 12 tips for traveling during your treatment cycles: Make sure to keep emergency [...]

Male Infertility Cases and Statistics

Infertility affects men and women equally. In couples experiencing infertility, approximately 35% is due to male factors, 35% is due to female factors, 20% of cases have a combination of both male and female factors, and the last 10% are unexplained causes. For this reason, it is imperative that both the male and female are [...]

3 Myths and Facts About Infertility

Myth #1: Infertility is a women’s problem. Fact: This is untrue! Surprisingly, infertility is a female problem in approximately 35% of the cases, male problems accounting for about 35% of the cases, a combination problem of the couple in 20% of cases, and unexplained in 10% of cases. It is imperative that both the male [...]