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Facing Family During the Holidays

Family gatherings are always difficult for individuals struggling with infertility. Gatherings around the holidays are even more stressful; even a small gathering may seem gigantic. The last topic you will want to discuss is “When are you planning on starting your family?” When couples ask for advice on how to cope with the various family [...]


Mother's Day can be a tough day for many women, some may even refer to it as the most dreaded day of the year. Although it's unintentional, there are many women who are ignored, while these may be the moms who need the extra love and support the most. This year RMAPA has joined the [...]

6 Ways to Cope with Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can be a difficult day for those experiencing infertility. The desire to mother a child cannot quite be understood until you are faced with the inability to do so. Planning ahead for these days and uncomfortable situations may help patients cope with both Mother and Father’s Day. RESolve, the national infertility association, has [...]

Fertility & Fitness: The “Bosom Buddy” System

The key to keeping up with a workout routine may just be staying accountable to someone else. You are more likely to stick to a program if you have someone working with and motivating you. It also keeps you accountable to show-up to the gym, track, pool etc., especially on the days when your couch [...]

Tree of Hope 2014

Our 2014 Tree of Hope continues to grow full of tiny feet day by day. Since starting in January, our tree has gained over 118 footprints. Our tallies show that as of mid-July, RMAPA has discharges 66 singletons, 25 sets of twins, and two groups of triplets. As we continue to watch our tree blossom, [...]

When Spring Brings Stress

Fresh green grass and bright flowers that catch your eye, newly hatched birds tweeting from their nests, and baby animals filling pastures on the farm. These are just a few of the beautiful things spring brings every year. Although most people are inclined to ogle over them, some may be thinking that the only other [...]

Keeping the Romance Alive During Infertility Treatment

Infertility is stressful for both partners and can put a strain on even the best relationships. Many patients, especially females, tend to have a decrease interest in intimacy and may even feel self conscious about their body during these hard times. You can keep the spark alive! It may be hard, and it might take [...]

Same Sex Marriage and Family Building

The recent Supreme Court decision regarding same sex marriage has prompted many LGBT couples to join their lives through marriage and start building their family. Our practice frequently sees patients with questions about their options to have a biological connection with their future child/ren. Due to the many advances in modern reproductive techniques, there are [...]

Surviving the Holidays Together

The holidays are normally a time to be thankful and joyous and celebrate with family and friends; however, this is not the case for everyone. With Thanksgiving fast approaching and Christmas right around the corner, the holiday gatherings and the seasonal stress can start to wear on you. The holiday season can also become extremely [...]