RMA's Success Rates

June 01, 2011 | By: Wendy Schillings, MD, FACOG


Some of you have seen our SART success rates. Many of you have come to me and asked me why our rates are so good. I believe that is 2-fold: One, is the relaxed office setting that you will see. It's a small office; I'm the only physician. The front office will know your name when you come in. In addition, you will be assigned a nurse and she will know your care intimately as well as I. The other half is the IVF lab.

It is a world renown lab that has won many research prizes. It is a large lab, and whenever you go to a large lab, when you get your results you can figure out much quicker what works and what doesn't work. That is the reason I think we're successful—the small relaxed office setting in Allentown, Pennsylvania, as well as the large lab in New Jersey. Thank you, I hope this helps you.