RMAPA Presents at LGBTQ+ Family Planning Event

LGBTQ couple with baby

On Tuesday May 7th, Reproductive Medicine Associates of PA (RMAPA) physician Dr. Wendy J. Schillings joined a panel of experts at the Bradbury-Sullivan Center to discuss Family Planning options for the LGBTQ+ community. The event highlighted the multitude of options available when starting to plan a family, including financial and legal considerations. 

Atticus Ranck, Bradbury-Sullivan’s Manager of Health Programs & Supportive Services explains the impetus for the panel, “For LGBTQ+ people thinking about having children, there are a lot of factors and options to consider. It’s hard to know where to start; not only do we need to consider fostering, adoption, or assisted reproductive technology (ART), but we also have to consider the financial aspect. This event is a starting point for knowing your options and how you can get there.” 

Dr. Schillings explained the basics of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), but also delved into specific LGBTQ+ options such as gestational carrier, embryo and sperm preservation before transitioning, and Co-IVF. She also brought up the unique ways RMAPA supports hopeful LBGTQ+ parents. 

“We always provide psychological counseling to our patients to make sure they feel comfortable each step of the way. RMAPA also partners with the Family Equality Council, the nation’s leading advocacy organization for LGBTQ+ family building, so we are trained and designated as an inclusive practice.” 

She also gave practical financial advice to the audience, “We have multiple ART options and will discuss each of them with you individually to determine your best option. And start budgeting once you know you want to have a child. In addition, RMAPA offers financial counselors to help you on this journey.” 

After a round of questions from the audience, Dr. Schillings summarized: “Every family building solution is different. A safe pregnancy and a healthy baby  is our goal for everyone!” 


To learn more about LGBTQ+ family planning with RMAPA, call 610-820-6888.