Staff Spotlight: Melissa Fink, C.O.O.

Melissa is the Chief Operating Officer of RMAPA. She has a BA in Business Administration and has been working in the medical field for 25 years.  Melissa has been in medical management for 13 years, 9 of which have been at RMAPA since inception in 2008.

Outside of work, Melissa enjoys spending time at her house on Seneca Lake in NY, watching her children play sports, knitting, and most importantly spending time with family. Her favorite thing about working at RMAPA is the medical team and how every single staff member is dedicated to our patients and the practice. She notes “A true sense of teamwork is rarely found in any workplace.”

Melissa’s word of advice for our patients is “Never forget that you are not alone in your journey; one out of every six couples are impacted by infertility.  Focus on the small successes, as they will add up to a wonderful, bigger picture.”