The Calling: Dr. Ndeye-Aicha Gueye

As a young girl growing up in New Jersey, there was one question Ndeye-Aicha Gueye just couldn’t stop wondering about: where do babies come from?

Even after she got her answer, the Reproductive Medicine Associates of Pennsylvania infertility doctor wasn’t exactly satisfied, and, as the years passed, found herself drawn to the earliest stages of human life: from ovulation to pregnancy to childbirth.

By the time she entered high school, Dr. Gueye (her first name is pronounced NAY EYE-SHA and her last name is pronounced GWAY) had little doubt about what she wanted to do after graduation: women’s health care.

After completing her undergraduate degree at Rutgers University in biology and French literature (coming from a Senegalese family, she’s fluent in French and loves to read French novels), Dr. Gueye enrolled in medical school at Rutgers, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. While she was passionate about women’s health, she didn’t decide on the field of infertility until her fourth year of medical school, after she’d met two doctors she calls her mentors to this day.

“When I met Dr. Paul Bergh and Dr. Richard Scott, two co-founders of Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey (RMANJ), they really fostered my interest in infertility,” Dr. Gueye recently said. “I was just fascinated by their expertise in reproduction and embryology and their compassion and enthusiasm in patient care, and wanted to be able to contribute to this wonderful field, where doctors are truly making a big difference in a couple’s life.”

Following medical school, Dr. Gueye stayed at Rutgers for her OBGYN residency, and in 2014 decided to head west to the Cleveland Clinic for her Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI) fellowship. There, she performed high-volume minimally-invasive surgeries with some of the best reproductive surgeons in the field, and participated in various fertility treatment research projects, including basic research on fibroids. Specifically, her study aimed to gain a better understanding of the composition of fibroids in order to find novel ways to treat women with fibroids without interrupting their ability to try to conceive.

Fibroids are the most common benign pelvic tumor in women and can be the cause of heavy bleeding, pelvic pain and in some cases, infertility. Dr. Gueye is passionate about gaining a better understanding of the impact of fibroids on fertility and finding ways to improve pregnancy outcomes for women with fibroids.

Following her fellowship, Dr. Gueye decided to come back east and in July 2017 joined RMA of Pennsylvania, which is part of the IVI-RMA Global family that spans 88 infertility clinics in 13 countries.

“I knew I wanted to come back ‘home,’ to work in a fertility practice which had excellent pregnancy rates, provided compassionate care to their patients and was a research leader in the field,” she said. “And that was RMA of Pennsylvania.”

Since joining the practice, Dr. Gueye has been helping patients from across the Lehigh Valley – and beyond – start their families.

“I’m so grateful to practice in a country where we have so many resources to help patients with infertility, and that right here in Allentown we can offer the highest quality of care in the world,” she said.

“If you’re a patient thinking about infertility treatment, I want to listen to your story. I want us to make decisions together, and I want you to have a say in how we move forward.”

“I’m here to help you.”


Dr. Ndeye-Aicha Gueye is a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist at Reproductive Medicine Associates of Pennsylvania. Dr. Gueye earned her Doctor of Medicine and completed her residency at Rutgers University’s Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in Piscataway, NJ. During her residency she received numerous research and teaching awards, such as the Gold Foundation Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Award in Recognition for Excellence and Compassion in Patient Care and Commitment to Teaching.