Amy’s Story


Why Did You Need The Services Of RMAPA?

Basically, I just knew I was getting older and initially my husband and I came to get checked out to make sure that when we did want to start trying, that we were able to, that there wouldn’t be any difficulties.

So, I was checked out and everything was fine. So, we didn’t come back initially and tried on our own for six months. After six months—being the age that we were—and having read everything on infertility, I just decided that I needed to come back for further testing.

Doctor Schillings did not want to do the oral medications with me because, basically, I’m 37, and she didn’t want to waste time on that stuff. And then, we were discussing IUI until we got my husband, Matt’s results back. And with that, we knew that the IUI probably wasn’t going to be as successful and that the IVF with the ICSI, where they inject the sperm into the egg, was the best option, and it was.

I’m 12-weeks today. So, we found out my transfer was May 26, and we found out five days after that—June 3rd it was, actually—that it worked. So it was a good, five months.

Would You Recommend RMAPA?

If it’s something that you want and it’s a goal that you have, and you’re not going to be happy until you get it, then who cares about what anybody else thinks. And as far as being afraid to start the whole process, this office I can speak for in particular, they are so empathetic and so understanding.

They do this all the time. They have answers to all your questions, which would probably make you feel a whole lot better, and they’re not pushy. They’re not going to say, “OK, well, you’re here for a consult today. Let’s get you going next week.” Like I said, when I came the first time, I got myself tested and we didn’t come back for six months. And when I did, Doctor Schillings said, “I’m really glad you came back.” You know, so there’s no pressure. If it’s something that you decide that you don’t want to do, nobody is going to be giving you a hard time either. It’s not for everybody.

What Was the Overall Experience Like At RMAPA?

The staff in this office is just awesome. When I first went to my OB visits, it was a completely different experience. There, you’re more like a number. So, when I talked to my nurse, here, I said, “Oh my gosh, do I miss you guys!” Just totally, totally different. And there are times, one time in particular that, when I was doing my injections and I was scared to death one night. And the very next morning, I came in and saw the nurse practitioner here. She just gave me a hug and said, “It’s going to be OK,” and they were just awesome.