Chris and Megan’s Story


Why Did You Need The Services Of RMAPA?

Megan: We have had two miscarriages and we were early in the marriage. I was over 30, so we just decided to figure out what was going on.

Chris: We actually didn’t think it was going to happen and we were on our last straw.

Megan: The only procedure I didn’t do, was egg retrieval because Marin was a donor egg. So, my eggs were shot and had to go elsewhere to get our daughter. We were always meant to be parents and this was the way we were supposed her.

Chris: That’s right.

What Was Your Support System Throughout The Process?

Megan: Every single person that knew us. We weren’t shy about telling people what we were doing, everyone knew that we were seeking infertility treatment and everyone was very supportive. And even when it came to donor egg, which could get touchy, there was no one in our lives that was the least bit concerned. And surprisingly, once you starting talking about infertility, or miscarriages, you find that so many more people than you ever knew had problems. So, I think it helps to talk about it and find out because friends are great resources. I think it’s become kind of taboo to talk about it, but we always talked about it.

Chris: Yeah, we were very open with it. I had some people at work that went through it as well. They had similar situations, so it was interesting to find out how much more prevalent this was than we thought before we got into it.

How Did Going Through This Journey Affect Your Relationship?

Megan: I think we found out that we make a good team.

Chris: Yeah. Definitely. It helped us become stronger in our relationship, I think. Because it was trying to go through those things—those miscarriages and finding out ‘this is wrong’ or ‘that’s wrong’. You know, just being helpful to each other when it was really bad. So, you know, I think in the end it definitely made our marriage stronger.

Megan: It takes over your life.

Chris: It does.

Megan: If you let it do it, you could seriously not do anything other than infertility things. There are people that do special diets, and special exercises, and special message; we just lived our life the way we always did and did the shots and appointments as well and said “if it’s supposed to happen, it’s supposed to happen. I’m not going to throw my whole life down the tubes.”

Chris: Yeah. A big mantra for us was, “If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be” pretty much throughout the whole thing.