Erika’s Story


Why Did You Need The Services Of RMAPA?

My husband and I had used Doctor Schillings in the past and conceived with a set of twins and we came back and ended up with another set of twins. I was told in the past that it would be hard for me to conceive on my own and that, unless I used fertility treatment, I probably would never have children.

I love being a mom. I always wanted to be a mom. I knew I wanted to be a mom and to do it twice, and double the trouble both times is awesome. I’m very happy with my experience and everything that I had to go through to get where I am. I don’t think I would change anything.

What Was Your Support System Throughout The Process?

I had support, not only through the office—Doctor Schillings, her nurse, Tara. I also had support through my husband, my family, all my co-workers. It was just an overwhelming experience this time around because I was more public with people in my life about what was going on, versus last time, I kept it a little more private.

How Is Infertility Treatment Perceived?

I think it’s very taboo in society to use fertility or even talk about fertility. People ask about my twins and they ask me “Oh, are they natural?” What do you say, you know? I say, “Well, no,” and you get that look, but to me it doesn’t matter because I have my family and that’s all that matters.

I just think people don’t understand because they think that, to conceive a baby, should be a natural thing. Well, that’s not always the case for certain people. How you go about having a child, I don’t think, really matters. It’s the end result. This was the way I had to have my family. I wouldn’t change it and places like this enable people like me—and possibly you—to have the family you’ve always wanted.