Jennifer & Michael’s Story


Why Did You Need The Services Of RMAPA?

Jennifer: Well, we had two miscarriages and we didn’t really know why, or what was going on. So, we came to Dr. Schillings. She had done surgeries for me in the past when I was seventeen. So we came here and she was able to figure out what was wrong. She eliminated a bunch of things that weren’t wrong, did some blood work, and found out that I had some blood clotting issues; and were able to put me on some medication. We were going to be able to have kids.

What Was The Overall Experience Like At RMAPA?

Jennifer: I like the atmosphere here—the spa feeling almost here—I really enjoyed that a lot. The staff and everybody was always very friendly and I like location a lot.

Michael: It was very comforting—for you—knowing that they were being seen by a doctor. We were actually seen by Doctor Schillings weekly, every week for the first…

Jennifer: Nine weeks.

Michael: Nine weeks. So as a husband it was great knowing that everything was taken care of and my wife was taken care of.

What Was Your Support System Throughout The Process?

Jennifer: I think we definitely have our own really great support system. We felt more comfortable telling people that we had a miscarriage and exactly what we’re going through every single week, because it was easier to talk about that than to, all of a sudden, just have mood swings, or emotions that you couldn’t talk about to somebody else. And to have an understanding of exactly what was going on was the best thing probably.

Michael: And also to find out how many other people went through it. That’s what we never experienced as, you know, newly married and trying to have kids. Once they found out that we actually had a miscarriage, they’re like “Oh, you should do this.” And now what we do is, “Oh you should go see Dr. Schillings if you’re having problems”.

What Was It Like When You Found Out You Were Pregnant?

Michael: She was doing flips!

Jennifer: That was, “Go to the store and get a digital one!” and “Make sure it’s true.”

Michael: She brought them both. That’s right. I was working on the house and all of a sudden, you whipped it my face when I was doing tiling. Yeah, and then the second one…

Jennifer: Brielle actually told daddy what was happening. She wore an I’m A Big Sister shirt.

Michael: I came home from a fishing trip and I still didn’t get it until I was like…

Jennifer: I said, “Oh, do you like Brielle’s new shirt?”

Michael: “Yeah! It looks great!”