Joy’s Story

Mostafa and I met while in graduate school and got married in 2002 (I was 31 and Mostafa was 37). We had both always looked forward to having children and starting a family of our own. I got pregnant naturally 3 times before we first visited Dr. Schillings in 2007. But sadly, each time we had a miscarriage due to chromosomal abnormalities. It was Dr. Kristen Friel at College Heights OB-GYN who presented the idea to us about working with a fertility specialist, and she mentioned there were several doctors in the Allentown area. But she made a point of mentioning Dr. Schillings by name and I remember her saying “You’ll like Dr. Schillings; Wendy is great!”.

And she was right – we felt immediately comfortable with Dr. Schillings. She has created such a warm atmosphere at her offices. All of her staff is so kind and patient and helpful. Dr. Schillings especially has such a relaxed and easy air about her. Everything about fertility treatments was so new to us, and she did an wonderful job of patiently explaining everything to us. Undergoing fertility testing and treatments is an emotional experience, and Dr. Schilling’s quietly reassuring presence was a constant source of encouragement for us. I was amazed at the amount of time she spent with us – I’d even see her on Saturday and Sunday mornings when I had to go for ultrasounds or bloodwork.

After unsuccessfully attempting to get pregnant through artificial insemination, Dr. Schillings recommended IVF. She talked to us about all it entails, and also about the advanced forms of technology that are now being used to increase the chances of success. Based on our history she made specific recommendations. We underwent one round of egg retrieval, which resulted in 6 embryos. I remember Dr. Schilling’s phone call when she gave me this good news. She went on to say “…..Yes, 6 embryos – 3 girls and 3 boys!” What an amazing feeling.

AT the doctor’s recommendation we had 2 embryos transferred. All 6 had been cryo-preserved with the PGD. We tried to prepare ourselves for any outcome, but prayed for good news. It was incredible to receive the phone call from the nurse and to hear her say “Your test came back positive. You are pregnant, Congratulations!”. It was too good to be true – pregnant on our very first embryo transfer! It was amazing to experience each ultrasound with Dr. Schillings from that point forward – to watch our future son or daughter continue to grow and thrive.

Everybody at Dr. Schillings office wished us Congratulations as we were discharged to start seeing our OBGYN at College Heights – but the congratulations should really be for all of us, including everybody at RMA.

Our daughter, Amina, was born on her due date, March 3rd 2010. Words can’t describe how happy we are – we are in love!! We are so thankful to have been recommended to Dr. Schillings. We look forward to returning to her offices when it’s time to start thinking about a little brother or sister for our daughter!