Kristy’s Story


Why did you need the services of RMAPA?

Kristy: We started trying to get pregnant right after we got married. And, after the first year, we knew that there was something that wasn’t right. Because we had stopped all birth control prior to getting married, and nothing was working. So I had gone to my OB’s office, and they had tried the Clomid. Every so often they’d do a pregnancy test and it would come back negative. And then they suggested RMA. We started here, I think, in June and we found out on October 5th that we were pregnant. I thought it was going to be at least another three years process. But it went very quickly. I wish they would have recommended RMA a lot sooner than what they did.

What was your experience like at RMAPA?

Kristy: I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. After the first couple of appointments and meeting Dr. Schillings and B.J., and seeing how nice everybody was, and the environment of the office, I was more excited but still nervous. They explain everything to you. They give you step-by-step. They don’t do anything without telling you about it first. And they’re just really nice people to work with. Our nurse, B.J., often kept in touch with me through email. We sent pictures of our daughter to BJ, and she in turn shared them with the office. It felt kind of like a family towards the end—B.J. knew what I was feeling, exactly what I needed to hear, and what type of help I needed. B.J. helped me through everything.