Marie & Rich’s Story

I found out that I had endometriosis through a dermoid tumor I had removed. My husband and I tried to get pregnant unassisted for almost two years, but were not able to because of the endometriosis. That’s when my doctor recommended RMAPA. I did my research, and after reading their reviews, they seemed like a good fit.

We’ve worked with RMAPA for almost 6 years. The process took longer because we had to first admit that we needed help. RMAPA initially recommended we go with IVF treatment for the best chance of success. It was hard to accept, so we opted for a basic treatment plan including clomid. We did a round of that but were not successful. We then tried clomid with IUI. We have done 5 treatments of IUI over the years. That’s when we knew we had to accept how much help we needed to get pregnant.

RMAPA never pushed us into IVF, but they did make it clear that it was their recommendation from the start. Dr. Schillings and the team at RMAPA respected our beliefs and were extremely compassionate. One of the nurses, BJ, was especially awesome. We completed one treatment of IVF after much thought and many prayers, and it worked!

RMAPA grew alongside us so much as we went through this experience. It took a lot of time and consideration before we felt comfortable doing IVF. We were worried about the cost with no guarantee that it would work. We also felt that it was in God’s control whether we got pregnant or not.

To anyone in a similar situation, I would say that it is extremely important to have faith and a support system. Support groups, church, and friends made the process bearable. Treatment is not easy. We moved a lot and it was not easy commuting back and forth to RMAPA but we did it! It is also important to know your personal limit, how many cycles you are comfortable doing, and how long you’re willing to do it.

Today we have a little miracle baby. He is everything to us. He’s fabulous, healthy, and happy, and just turned one!