Nicole’s Story

Why did you need the services at RMAPA?

Nicole: My husband and I were on a pretty long journey. We went through my regular gynecologist and tried through them for a year, in addition to on our own and they actually referred us over. My doctor said, “There’s pretty much nothing else we can do for you. We need to send you to the fertility specialist.”

Our insurance actually had approved, originally, In Vitro. So, we were going just skip IUI and do that. We went over the pros and cons with Dr. Schilling. At the end of the day, we ended up doing the IUI anyway, but with full disclosure with what could happen, what could not happen. So [they were] very knowledgeable, very personable.

I was nervous when I first started, but the atmosphere was fantastic. The nurses are great. Dr. Schilling was wonderful. Never once was I uncomfortable—I was completely at ease with the whole procedure and they were just fantastic the whole time.