Rebekah’s Story


Why Did You Need The Services Of RMAPA?

I actually started seeing Doctor Schillings when I was 16-years-old, and they found out that I had [Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome], which could lead to infertility, so I had started, at an early, age seeing her. And actually, I had not seen her for quite a while after college. Then, my husband and I got married, and we started trying for children and we ended up having two miscarriages back to back. After that, we ended up seeking out some help and I remember that I had seen her in the past and we had a great relationship. She was very personable. So, I ended up going back to her.

As my cycle went through, she would each day work with me on seeing if everything was going properly. There was no actual procedure for me because there didn’t seem like there was an infertility, but she was just checking to see what was going on and making sure everything was working properly. At the end, it was. The biggest thing she did was doing testing. So, I was able to go on medicines that I needed and that was a huge thing. If I hadn’t done something about it and said if we didn’t know if I would have miscarried again because there were little things in my blood that were off, so we didn’t catch it the first two times because I wasn’t here.

What Was It Like When You Found Out You Were Pregnant?

I found out I was pregnant very early and when you loose two children, you’re just kind of hoping it all works out and you don’t want to get your hopes up. But, when she moved me onto my regular doctor, that was probably one of the most encouraging things because it gives you hope that he’ll be here. I guess until he actually came here, it was still hard for me to believe that he was actually going to be here.

What Was It Like To Finally Deliver Your Son?

He was two weeks early and I had my water broken; he was not coming out. Because he was so large—he was 9 lbs 3 oz., 2 weeks early—he had no interest in coming out. So, we ended up having a c-section. I was very calm the whole day because I couldn’t even imagine this time coming because of waiting so long after losing the first two. They were doing the surgery and then, they said, “OK, we’re going to push down on your stomach and you’re going to hear him.” And the moment I heard him cry, I just started sobbing. I couldn’t help it. It was literally the most amazing thing. I didn’t even get to see him right away, but I just heard him screaming and I loved it. I loved the screaming. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to hear someone cry, ever.

It was absolutely amazing and then they brought him around and I got to see him and he looked super gross because he had all this stuff all over him, but I didn’t even care because he was there; and he was mine. It was probably, that was literally, the most amazing moment of my life. Right there—was having him. Even though I was able to see him right away, hearing him and then getting to see him, was absolutely amazing.

Would You Recommend RMAPA?

I would definitely recommend RMA. I mean, if you want somewhere that makes you feel comfortable and at home, and really reaches out to you and does everything they can  to help you conceive. I mean, it was the place for us. And I believe it’s amazing what they’re able to do here, and Doctor Schillings is a good friend and I was always be very grateful to her for the rest of my life for what she’s given us. So I would definitely recommend it.