Shawna & Shannon’s Story


Why Did You Need The Services Of RMAPA?

Shawna: As a same-sex couple, we needed a little assistance in the reproductive medicine department, so Doctor Schillings got to help us through the process—and being my eggs and I donated—Shannon was fortunate enough to carry the embryos.

Shannon: My fear was that I wouldn’t be connected if it was all Shawna. And having these two little ones inside me made me feel like I have a real connection, even though they are biologically not me.

Shawna: They’re just the most amazing kids ever. They’re inquisitive. They have wonderful personalities. They’re always happy. They’ve slept through the night since two-months-old. That doesn’t hurt. I mean, they’ve been amazing and she’s an amazing mom.

Shannon: I’d do it again.

Shawna: Yeah. We are actually working on that.

Shannon: They’re actually getting to the point where I want babies back.

Shawna: Yeah. I probably am going to carry next, so we’ll see.

What Was The Overall Experience Like At RMAPA?

Shannon: There’s a relationship the whole way. We got to know the entire staff and we occasionally bring the babies up to see them, so it’s not just: come in, get your blood drawn, come back. You’re totally engaged in the whole process and they’re engaged. You end up sharing things so they become a part their family.

Shawna: Yeah. They made it very clear from the beginning that they were there, no matter what. We could call at any time with any questions.

Shannon: We did go through three IUI cycles. So, we did go through that up and down roller coaster like some infertile women go through, of not getting pregnant. And of course, I went through that emotional roller coaster that everybody else goes through: thinking that I was pregnant and then being told, “No. You’re not,” and crying on her shoulder, or hiding in a closet and crying, and then going through the IVF, and getting pregnant. They were right there with us just as happy, so it was great.

Shawna: Yeah.

What Was It Like When You Found Out You Were Pregnant?

Shawna: She was telling me she was 100% pregnant, and I,being the realistic one and medical professional, kept saying, “Yes, dear. Yes, dear. Yes, dear,” knowing realistically we could be—and I wanted to be—but you know, just being realistic about it, knowing there was a chance we weren’t. But she kept telling me, “We’re absolutely pregnant. It’s twins, I know it is,” because we put two embryos in and we found out that we were pregnant. That was exciting in and of itself: them calling, you know, and letting us know the blood work said we were. And then we came in for the first ultrasound and basically, they put the probe in and said, “There’s one…there’s two…” She said, “I told you so,” and I burst out in tears, so excited. So excited, because I know our life was changed forever.