Tanya and Stephen’s Story


Why Did You Need The Services of RMAPA?

Tanya: When our youngest was about a year and one-half, we started trying to get pregnant again because we wanted our children fairly close together. We tried for about a year on and off and we weren’t having correct timing. I’m a bit older than my husband, so I didn’t have as much time left with my fertility. I felt that I was doing the best thing that I could to ensure that we would have the family we wanted.

I had an IUI which is an Intrauterine Insemination. So, my husband arrived here about an hour before I came and he had to give a sample. When I arrived, the procedure took place. The whole procedure took about twenty minutes and I had to wait about ten minutes afterwards. I was able to go home and resume normal activities afterwards. Everyone was very kind and caring.

What Was The Overall Experience Like At RMAPA?

Tanya: When we first sought treatment here, I actually did end up getting pregnant on my own after two years, but I had a loss. Everyone was so nice and just talked me through it and gave me suggestions and a shoulder to lean on. Everyone was wonderful here to us.

Stephen: Yeah. It was a very wonderful experience just coming in. When you seek this kind help, you’re kind of already in a point of sometimes despair, sometimes just worried. The people make it nice, answer any questions that we had.

What Advice Would You Give To Other People Considering Infertility Treatment?

Tanya: It’s worth the wait—it’s so, so worth the wait. That’s all I can say. I’m a nurse and I actually have to deal with patients who have infertility sometimes and that’s what I tell them. It’s a struggle and sometimes you’re upset and sad and many emotions. In the end when you’re holding your baby, it all goes away. It’s worth it then.

Stephen: I have two great children here. We have a great family. Just don’t be afraid. It’s definitely, like my wife said, it’s well worth it. Anything for the kids, anything for the family—that’s the best advice I can give.