The Ralph’s Story

Rebekah Ralph wasn’t always sure that she wanted to be a mother. Her sisters never had children and as the youngest in her family, everyone expected that she would simply continue the trend. And for years, she did, that was until she married James. Coming from a family with many children, James was much more open to the possibility and for him; she ultimately decided to give it a try. Following her first miscarriage, she decided to try again. It took a year of trying but she finally became pregnant. Unfortunately, she experienced her second miscarriage. It wasn’t until this second loss that she realized just “trying” was no longer an option. Rebekah was now driven towards the goal of one day being a mother.

This new found determination not only meant finding the top infertility specialist in the area, but also admitting to herself that this was a challenge she couldn’t overcome on her own. With the support of James and her family, Rebekah followed the advice of her OBGYN and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Wendy J Schillings from Reproductive Medicine Associates of Pennsylvania (RMAPA). Following their first meeting, Rebekah and James knew they had made the right decision. They felt immediately comfortable with Dr. Schillings and were eager to take their next step.

Through performing a variety of tests, Dr. Schillings quickly uncovered that Rebekah’s miscarriages were caused by the combination of a thyroid problem, a pituitary tumor and 2 blood clotting disorders. After years of waiting for an answer, this news came as relief to both Rebekah and James. According to Dr. Schillings, Rebekah’s issues could be easily overcome with the appropriate treatment plan, meaning that she did, in fact, have the potential to fulfill her dream of one day being a mother.

After reviewing and researching the various options that Dr. Schillings laid out for them, Rebekah and James decided to opt for the course of treatment that offered them the best possible chance in the shortest possible time. For them, the choice was In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Although the process was initially a little scary and unknown, Rebekah was committed to achieving her goal. And in the end, she did. Exactly one year after their first meeting with Dr. Schillings, on April 30, 2011, Rebekah gave birth to their son, James Jr. Finally, she was a mother, James was a father, and together, they had the family that deep down she always knew that she wanted.