Your Treatment Plan

The RMAPA medical team has treated thousands of patients and offers unmatched experience in diagnosing the causes of infertility. This represents a significant advantage for patients at RMA, because the foundation of successful treatment begins with the infertility diagnosis.

In most cases, we are now able to determine the factor or factors that may lead to infertility. We begin with a careful analysis of a patient’s medical history and the results of diagnostic tests or previous treatments. In many cases, we suggest that additional diagnostic tests be completed. For a small number of patients, the factors that cause infertility can remain undetectable. However, many patients can still be treated successfully when the precise cause of infertility remains unknown.

Based on the results of your initial consultation and test results, the RMAPA team will work to identify the optimal course of treatment to help you have a baby. Many patients at this stage are surprised to learn that there are often several treatment options.