Using Donor Egg

For many infertile couples, a medically appropriate treatment option – egg donation – is the only way they will ever experience the joys of parenthood. Egg donation represents a real chance for conception when the woman, for a wide variety of reasons, is unable to produce her own healthy eggs. RMAPA performs hundreds of egg donation cycles every year with outstanding results. The egg donation program at RMAPA is very active. Last year RMAPA successfully matched hundreds of recipients with an egg donor.

The process of egg donation is complex but you can rest assured our experienced physicians and nurses on the Donor Team will guide recipients and donors alike through each step of the process, maintaining the highest standards of quality control. Our program, designed to ensure the anonymity of recipients and donors, goes beyond the guidelines set by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. For more information, please call our Donor Egg Coordinator directly at 973-971-4600.